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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  July 22, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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. thank you so much for joining us this morning, let's look at the weather, what is it going to be like? >> we have a lot of sea breeze and high and mid-level clouds, cooler 60s and 70s, may be a little muggy towards the santa clara valley, here is sal. it is getting busier especially here in berkeley and also the morning commute looks good but the morning lights should be coming on soon, let's
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go back to the desk. the moment has arrived, kate middleton is in the hospital and reportedly, this is the early stages of labor. they arrived early this morning and that's the very same hospital princess dianne gave birth to he and his younger brother, and we will bring you the latest on the royal birth as it's happening, you can go to you can get more information on our twitter and facebook page. the captain of a suspicious sailboat is in custody after a bizarre happening near the bridge, here is more on what led up to the captain's arrest, good morning. >> reporter: you can see here
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you can also see several coast guard vessels alongside of it and it's pretty easy to miss on vast glance but you can see it on the back of the sailboat. they saw it and it appeared it did not have any flags or markings indicating its name or origin and the captain refused to allow them a board. >> we decided we were going to look apt it because much its suspicious markings and the captain would not allow us on board which also alerts suspicion again -- suspicion again. >> the cap taken told them to drop their weapons and they
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boarded anyway with guns drawn. the captain was arrested after a minor scuffle. we reached out several times to the public affairs office to trying to find out who he was and if there was anything illegal found on board. we will on our way, ktvu channel 2 morning news. new this morning they are searching for a home 0 invasion robbery. two suspects broke in and two suspects were on the loose, a third was taken into custody and the third was taken to san francisco hospital and the third is expected to survive. a deadly limo fire where the five women died, the wife of the limo driver claims her
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husband turned up the music in the limo so they could not hear him arguing with her which raises distractions as to why he did not hear them. however the husband is disputing that story -- the wife is disputing that story after spoke to her last night. the sign warns pedestrians and bike lists to stay off above interstate 880. last monday they found the body of a man who had been hit by a car and investigators believe he had been homeless and the search continues for the driver who hit him. in san jose, a protest over george zimmerman and trayvon
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martin, one the demonstrators become rowdy. the crowd was marching through downtown san jose and one woman blocked a light rail train which was passing through and dozens more joined her. it took 20 minutes to convince her to stop blocking that'll. the senior said they will talk about the out rage surrounding that verdict. they will be pushing for a federal civil rights case against george zimmerman. thunderstorms could be headed to the bay area, a system that brought rain to las vegas is now pushing towards california. it knocked down trees and flooded parts of the las vegas strip and we will trust steve
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to let's us know what is on the way. >> let'see, good morning once again, let's go, you will see traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza and you can see clearings for all of the lanes and also the commute on 880 in both directions, no major problems unless you are trying to get to hayward, 880 seoul bound does look good let's go to steve. at. >> plenty of low cloud, i have think our forecast will play more tonight than tomorrow. they are producing some rain in bakersfield back over to
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central fall foreign why and if you would a break you could see the full mean. high pressure is wrapping up as well, better opportunity even though it is iffy on that. 50s on the temperatures and some are cooler in the north bay, a sea breeze is in place, napa at 7, breeze kicked in down towards san jose and it is southeast, northwest at the airport 58 we will they are holding down temperatures, and it teams tomb testimony -- it seems to being big reason and there are some pockets where it
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is really dense, 60s and 70s and upper 80s, very tough call and i have wrestled with this a lot. also high and mid-level clouds should be out of the picture by wednesday and things are quiet as we head to the middle of the week. officials are debate being a plan to install and we will have more on public hellish how such involved. >>reporter: business owners say the homeless is using this open space as their own personal bathroom. the city has received numerous complaints from people who live near the levee and business owners from front street and here to urinating and did he have date kateing for the 24
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hour use and the city did put up port potties because of similar issues but the restrooms were removed because of vandalism and misuse. now the staff will be doing things that will help the situation by doing more rigorous maintenance and or prostitution. them tara moriarty i will see how it goes here. i just spoke to somebody who lives along the river and we will hear what he thinks about this new idea, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. this morning apple confirms a website for developers has been hacked. they say people's names and contact information may have been hacked during the breach
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but that customers information was encrypted. >> he is pleased and they put it there after the new lock technology which would require a new apple i.d. and password to use the phone and about half of the robberies involved the smart phone. republicans are reaching out to women, the gop and how it reaches out in the house. >> they are planning on doing
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is something and it loosing got a as you drive through the morning commute.
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. welcome back, we are following a magnitude earthquake, which was centered in the province where more than 1200 homes have been destroyed. the red cross is sending in
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relief efforts. several after shocks have been reported including one registering 5.6 . he began his first overseas trip since becoming pope. he headed to brazil and more than 1100 people from all over the world are expected to join for world youth day. it includes a public mass on copa cabana beach. he is the first pope to come from latin america. 30,000 troops were deployed in rio de janeiro for the pope's visit and they are tracking any possible threats. however pope frances will not be traveling in the bullet
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proof mobile. he will ride in an open top jeep to have direct contact with the people. the chamber of commerce is pressuring lawmakers for immigration reform. as kyla campbell reports, the chamber is touting an educational campaign, kyla? >> reporter: the chamber sent a letter to congress which said it does not meet the needs of business citizens or citizens. they will continue to lose talented people and students from overseas who go to college in california will have to take their talent back to their own countries and that's something they want to change. they are pushing republicans to get on board with the senate immigration reform and includes low skilled and high skilled to
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have pressure on line. >> our drive will work it out. >> reporter: just how many people who are living there when i see you next, kyla campbell. it is the first of several economic speeches and he will make that speech in knox college. that is when he was a newly elected senator and talked about the expanded middle- class. he will also make other appearances over the coming weeks. they wanted to attract more women to their ranges. a campaign -- ranks. a project grow is scheduled to launch tomorrow. >> growing works republican opportunities for women, that
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is exactly what we need to do... >> this is designed to get more women interested in the republican party and also female candidates for the 2014 elections and right now only 19 of the 234 republicans in the house are women and that compares with 59 didn't particular -- democratic congress women in the house. >> pam, dave... [inaudible] >> [ technical difficulties, stand by ] >> you said it was going to happen. i did not -- >> if i hold my microphone like this it will work. let's do it this way. traffic is moving a long relatively well around the bay area we will start a look at the toll plaza and it is not bad. it looks pretty well although the metering lights are on also
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give yourself plenty of extra time. i see the fog and steve and i have been talking about it and it's likely there will be air delays and we will check them for you. speaking of the airport, let's take a look at highway 101 and traffic is moving along okay and we have traffic which is getting more crowded by the minutes specially as you head south. let's go back to steve. the forecast models were like this and i am starting to think the cooler model will be the model of choice. high pressure system is week ended and it is bringing up a little tropical clouds, and you can see the combination of some of those clouds and more of those will be towards the south bay and it adds a little bit of humidity to the mix.
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mostly 50s and 60s, a decent breeze and i am seeing gusts at 30 and it equals a cooler pattern and you can see where it is, staying south and on the san joaquin county valley. maybe tomorrow, we will have to keep an eye on that for possible shower activity of tomorrow. we have a lot of those clouds, a lot of low clouds as well, breezy at times, missty conditions and also the bay, 60s and 70s and 80s, a lot of these temperatures are very nervous they will not see the light of day, too much on the west wind and they will split the difference on this. it looks like we clear out, just the morning fog and we clear out. a new app could help them find their perfect match.
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it uses facebook to match such as quality interest and price range. so far the app is available for the android but it will soon be available for the apple. they are finding dangerous levels of led. researchers looked at 25 different bottles and they came from different ethnic markets grocery stores and some were imported from south america and safe levels are set by the fda. the latest controversial rolling stone, i thought it was inappropriate but for me to tell them to pull their magazines from the book shelves, it is not up to me to do that. >> it angered him so much that
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he released pictures and says the suspect's age makes it more important to examine the suspect's bombing. they are warning parents but why they are on the rise. >> plus u-how much can you expect for the boom? >> there is a bridge truck coming up and we will let you know what is going on straight ahead.
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. doctors are trying to raise awareness, they are trying to spread awareness about the dangers of head injuries and children should always be checked out by a doctor even if they seem to be fine. >> what we are trying to prevent is an athlete from getting a concussion because we
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can prevent a second impact syndrome. >> they also warn injuries can happen in non-contact sports and children with that say it -- doctors say it has doubled due to greater awareness. they are trying to raise 2. $5 million in the fight against aides. it was the 27th annual san francisco annual aides walk and the san francisco foundation hosted the event for aides treatment and research. san francisco was the first city in the u.s. where it became an epidemic. >> that is expected to provide a huge boost for california businesses. business as across the state could raise $500 million during the next three years from gay
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lesbian marriages. that could include churches, hotels, bank quit halls, what is worse it could raise 20 million in tax dollars. later, ktvu will get a first look at one of the trains and this is what it will look like and we will give you a chance to have a fuel scale model at the mcarthurer station. how is it looking sal? there is something unusual going on, a car reportedly hit a mountain lion. northbound 208 near mag do lane in avenue -- near the avenue, it is somewhat hard to believe but i don't see why it couldn't
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happen. give yourself plenty of extra time as you drive through this area and you might want to think about using 101 instead. take a look at some live pictures and that traffic does move well, let's go to steve. we have fog around and there are high middle clouds, 60s and 07s, kate middleton's birth is on the way and the child one day could sit on the british thrown. this was the center of a bizarre pursuit with the coast guard yesterday evening. >> you can see traders getting ready and they got some bad news this morning.
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. they are getting ready to ring that bell and over on the nazdaq, they have deals on travel an entertainment, they are just visiting celebrating their company's success and unfortunately, they are worrying about the opposite, not doing well, mcdonald's is disappointing with its earnings report and mcdonald's is up with the dow jones industrial average. >> it is monday, july 22nd, i am dave clark. >> good morning, i am pam cook, time now 6:30. >> we are still following a drama on the golden gate bridge, the captain of a sailboat is in custody after a
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bizarre chase. you had a pretty good look at that boat, didn't you? >> yes, you can see it behind me and right now it is here while the investigation is underway and it is not easy to see it but if you take a closer look, you can see it is named fortune on the back. in richardson bay in the area they spotted this indicating its name dmitry orlov again. >> they did not allow us to board -- this raised suspicious -- suspicion. the captain cold them to drop their weapons and the boarding team members did not lower
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their weapons and there was a minor scuffle and the captain was arrested. we have reached out several times and they are trying to confirm who this captain was, whether anything illegal was found on board whether there could be any charges and of course we will let you know more just as soon as we find out, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> well this morning there is new video of when the driver at the antioch speedway lost control and crashed. peter murphy was in second place when he made contact with another car, hit a wall and ran over. it did take emergency sponsors 40 minutes to get him out of the car. he is now listed in serious condition. four scouts were hurt in a chain reaction crash. a troop from the lake tahoe
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area was headed to town in potter valley in a five car pileup. the scout leader was killed instantly. his son is one of the four scouts with major injuries and the others are minor to major injuries. they are expected to release the names of the good samaritan. he was killed while trying to help the victims of a suspected drunk driving crash. it happened on 280 in woodside. a passing suv hit him after he got out of his jeep to help the two people who were hurt. the good samaritan driver will not face charges and one was booked initially on dui charges. we have new information on the death of a crash victim on the san francisco airport
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runway. fso recently bought heat sensing equipment that would have prevented the 16-year-old chinese girl from being hit by a fire rig. the san mateo county coroner said the teen was alive just moments before being hit. could a deadly hit-and-run accident have been prevented? he was killed while crossing an overpass, joining us live to tell us what the city has done to make sure this doesn't happen again, brian? >> reporter: it is still a story but if you take a look behind me, they say the overpass is narrow and only
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because they say it was stolen. you may recall 1 week ago today they reported that john patrick miller was trying to cross the i-80 overpass on foot. first investigation found there were no signs let being people know cars were not the only things they say were stolen. many have expressed concerns about the latest accident saying it is confusing for people who may not be familiar with it. now this is the sign near where the incident took place, and as we look back out here, there should be more signs let being people know it is a pedestrian overpass and again it is very narrow for people to walk on this overpass which might have
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led to the accident but meanwhile they are still looking for the driver responsible. in berkeley, brian floor resident ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> the family was killed when the car was suddenly up to 100 miles per hour. she was unable to slow down despite pulling the emergency brake and she was killed when she swerve to avoid other cars and ended up on a median where she hit a telephone pole and tree. her case is being closely watched because it is the first wrongful death lawsuit to go in court and there are more than 80 similar cases. they say there was no defect in it and they have blamed it on
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floor mats and driver error. the trial begins today on the pension reform. they approved measure b a few years ago and it blocks them for contributing to other pensions. kate middleton has been put in the hospital for what is described as the early sames of labor. prince charles is about to become a grandfather and he does not have any updates and we told them in london, what is the mood out there? >> reporter: well, it is exciting and crowds are actually starting to gather out
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in front of buckingham palace and here is what we know. we know about 7 hours ago local time here in the ua, she was taken to st. mary's to do this very discite proposal and we obviously don't have any video to show you because they are camping out waiting for the moment the baby is born and waiting for her to appear with the child. there is a bit of a protocol and what will happen is, a representative from buckingham palace will receive a notice by the doctor who delivered the baby and he will transport that document and deliver it to the queen. she is the first to know the baby has been born and after
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that, the document will be displaced on the pal all-star game and that will come a couple of days, his car, his grandmother will all get the news. >> i know the paparazzi is determined to get any photos they can get now especially since they were able to sneak her in without them seeing her. >> right. >> yeah, i mean there are literally hundreds of thousands of cameras, trained on that waiting for the moment when they come out. yeah, and you know, what is funny is that up until this morning, it is had been a very tedious posting. we got a lot of correspondence
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for people who camped out with beach chairs and holding on for the last two or three weeks, everybody sprang into action when we heard she was in labor. there have been some well wishes other than that things are progressing well. >> we will be watching with you vladimir and we will bring you the latest on the royal birth, you can go to testimony ktvu channel and get more information on our twitter page as well. >> he will actually call his dad and grandma with the news, sal? i think they deserve a call. >> do we have a cell phone, just pick up the phone. >> good morning, everybody, traffic is doing okay, it is
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getting more crowded as we get closer to 7:00 which is normally the peak of the commute and it is more crowded on the i am in let's freeway. it is just passed the toll plans disa and traffic is a little bit slower than it normally is getting through the toll plaza. and on the avenue, there is a crash on the shoulder where they reportedly hit a mountain lion, let's go to steve. >> some higher clouds as well, and low clouds, a decent sea breeze as well and this will be a little bit of a cool down and
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we will still get mostly cloudy skies, by tonight, late tonight into tuesday the system gets closer and possibly then some shower activity but low clouds west to east, big time thunderstorms in southern nevada and that rain is making its way to southern california and it is wrapping back around near san walk keen valley still it willen with us today and tomorrow, maybe some thunderstorms and likely upper 50s and 60s, a decent breeze out of the west. >> there is a no doubt about it, westerly breeze for most, they will be picking up more of a southeast, 57 ukiah, cloud cover, keep being temperatures held in check, you can see why a lot of that is wrapping back
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around, it looks like they are done, just a little bit north, monterey, it looks to be in line, we were on the northern edge of this today. high and mid-level clouds, thick, fog westerly breeze, 60s and 70s and 80s, they are depending on these and it will just hold things down. there was an opportunity and we will have a quiet end of the week so far. they are giving firefighters in southern california an upper hand and people are allowed to go back home. good morning, san mateo bridge look good moving out to the high-rise, i will tell you more about the commute and bay
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area weather. 5ñ
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. lots of low clouds, fog some thick fog with pockets of thick fog, 60s and 70s and 80s. here is a look at some of the top stories, the captain of a suspicious sailboat is in
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custody. they first spotted the sailboat without any markings yesterday afternoon. the kaplan would not all -- captain would not allow anybody to board his boat. five women died and the wife of the limo driver died and spoke to the mercury news. reportedly she said he turned up the limo so the passengers could not hear him arguing with her and this morning apple confirmed it has been hacked. it happened thursday and customer information was encrypted but was not affected. the kyle begins today two
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years ago, jeffery known as jethro was shot and killed. the trial could get heated as a member of the san jose chapter is also on trial and during the fight he shot and wounded a member of gonzalez's club. service has been restored after a 12-inch water-main break. they started receiving calls at about 530 last night. they say it took crews until midnight as water gushed through the streets and so far the cause of the break is still unknown. people are being allowed to return home after being evacuated. the fire destroyed 27,000 acres
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and destroyed several homes. people are he is pressing from -- expressing gratitude for the workers who worked around the clock. >> we are thanking the firemen and women, those guys are amazing. firefighters now have the fire halfway contained and the cost to date is $20 million. firefighters say it was caused by people but they are not saying if it was accidental or purpose pose. and for the shooting death, some showed sunday services to give them the team, the fullness. .. >> yesterday members of the jewish community went to the baptist church one of the
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largest african-american churches. george zimmerman's acquittal has shown a racial divide in america and they wanted to come together and unite. >> later today, the oakland naacp will open up and george holland senior will talk about the outrage surrounding that verdict. the oakland chapter will join the national effort pushing for a federal civil rights scales against george zimmerman. and we want to check in, see how it looks so far, sal? northbound 101, we do have one new crash and we have late details and we want to go to the toll plaza and as you come, there is a backup of about 20 minutes here from the pay gates before you get into san francisco. also on 880 traffic looks good as you drive towards the san mateo, and in allen rock,
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getting word of a big-rig, already off on the shoulder, however, northbound traffic will be slow passed the scene, let's go back to steve. a lot of the low clouds, even some fog, some higher elevations you might have reduced visibility and it is more likely later today into tomorrow and it is looking better than what i am seeing so far, still each though we are getting foggy near the coast, a lot of tropical clouds coming up from the east southeast and we are getting a lost that for the muggy feel, some of these might thicken up and we clouded up and might even make it up towards north county.
6:52 am
50s and 60s, some locations are having a rip roar being sea breeze and there are plenty of low clouds in place, just trying to give us a most live cloudy day, so far the rain is staying south, and the little low is going write up the coast and that's the key for us. it is mainly the higher cloud >> looking to the south, with the possibility of the south, thick fog a little embedded with that as well, 60s and 70s and 80s, those higher clouds can send clouds over projected highs just because of cloud cover but mostly cloudy, it looks like it is out of here and we will still have to deal with fogs and it is a hoe hum quiet pattern by the end of the
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week. three bodies were found stuffed in jar band bags, what is being said about the man linked to the killings by people who say they know him. it is finally over for america's cup fans, what is ahead in the big yacht race. [ birds chirping ] [ reel clicking ]
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. welcome back. part of the dow jones industrial average. it did disappoint with its earnings report, system is down slightly -- s&p 500 is down slightly in record territory once again. and ohio has a registered sex offender after three bodies were found in trash bags. they found the first body and police searched 40 abandoned homes in his east cleveland neighborhood. -- cleveland neighborhood. people who know michael madison say he has a violent temper. >> he could get real loud when he real upset with somebody. you could hear him like two blocks away. >> according to authorities, they all appeared to be young
6:57 am
african-american women and it looks like they were killed during a span of 10 days and so far none of the victims have been identified. during this week, a german rollercoaster maker will send an inspection team after looking for answers after that deadly accident in arlington on friday at six flags. a woman who fell to her death expressed concerns about the safety bar just as that ride was beginning. well, it's what america's cup fans is waiting for and they are in head to head competition in the san francisco bay but they ended up rerouteing the team and the new zealand team continues into late august, and they will sale
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in earlier september. it is crowded westbound, there was an earlier minor accident near the metering lights and traffic is improving. northbound 280 at the avenue, there is a mound taken lion who was hit by a car and chp is guarding it making sure nobody takes it. you might want to use 101 instead, it is becoming quite a scene, let's go to steve. it will be cooler today 60s, 70s and 80s. >> all right, thank you steve. coming up, a san francisco firefighter tied to a serious crash involving alcohol, how the fire chief is responding. and a coast guard check, what happened next is anything but routine, stay right here
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with us.
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>> reporter: a sail boat and its captain under investigation. we're live in santa cruz where some are disgusted people are going to the bathroom near


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